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Caring for Eastern Adirondack Homes

Adirondack Home Services makes property care easy with our expertise in maintaining your beautiful home around Schroon Lake, Lake George, and the Eastern Adirondacks of New York. We offer property management with beneficial services for any season, from the warm, sunny summer months to the cold, snowy winters. Andrew Gushee is the founder of our company, and he and his crew perform every service with a commitment to excellence. We give every project the same attention to detail and dedication to high-quality results, no matter it is big or small. Our clients’ cozy cottages and affluent manors stay in top condition.

overhead view of property landscaping

Services Available During the Year

Our list of property management services keeps your lawn and other features maintained throughout the year. We offer all the following services to homeowners:

  • Lawn Care – Our professional lawn care ensures your grass stays neatly kempt throughout the warm months in or mountain communities. We meticulously cut your lawn and leave appealing patterns in the grass.
  • Snow Removal – During the winter, snow can build up on your driveway and neighborhood roads, making driving a hazardous and challenging activity. Let our company thoroughly remove the snow to keep you safe.
  • Landscaping – We perform landscaping and hardscaping to transform your property into a beautiful backyard oasis. Come to us for a new fire pit, paver patio, and lush garden beds.

Take Care of Your Home With Property Management

Adirondack Home Services has all our clients’ best interests at heart, and that includes regular property management for a freshly trimmed lawn and a clear driveway. We treat every home like it’s our own because we understand the financial and personal value a beautiful residence holds to its owners. Andrew takes your trust seriously when it comes to maintaining your property, and he strives to be the best possible steward to your home. He applies his years of training and experience to ensure your property stays beautiful and safe, whether you are home for the season or away in another city, state, or country.

Call Adirondack Home Services Today

Whether you reach out to Adirondack Home Services for expert lawn care, thorough snow removal, or creative landscape, we are ready to help you. A freshly trimmed lawn and clear driveway offer more than aesthetic appeal. You can walk and drive safer while avoiding problems like ice buildup and pest infestations. Contact us at any time of year to schedule our property management services at your home.

Contact Us to Schedule Property Care